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20 Reasons I Prefer Online Mom Groups

Let’s face it; I’m impatient, and I’d rather to do my socializing from the comfort of my own home with quick access to the block button.

Why? Here are the 20 Reasons I Prefer Online Mom Groups to “IRL” Moms

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The Day I Told My Dad To ‘F’ Himself

Everyone has that self defining moment from their youth. That moment that shapes you as an adult. Not only does it change your outlook on life, it changes you internally. You won’t realize it at the time. You probably won’t even recognize it as a life-altering moment until years have gone by and that moment… Continue reading The Day I Told My Dad To ‘F’ Himself


Turbo Speed

My 4 year old son never stops moving. Ever. I’m not exaggerating. He is physically incapable of sitting still. He’s always jumping, climbing, somersault-ing, skipping, leaping, running, and dancing his way through life. Even when he’s sitting, eating, reading, or doing a puzzle. Like I said, physically incapable of being still. Unless he’s completely asleep… Continue reading Turbo Speed